Creating Genuine Connection
                                                          With Ourselves and Others

Join The Mindfulness Revolution
We are now experiencing what is being called ‘the mindfulness revolution’, as increasingly people become aware of the benefits of mindfulness in all aspects of daily life.

This book focuses on individuals, couples, families, groups and businesses to provide a practical guide for using mindfulness to enrich relationships and more effectively manage the stresses associated with dispute resolution and conflict. The authors clearly and engagingly explore how we can use mindfulness to:

• develop a more compassionate, friendly relationship with ourselves and others
 • increase awareness of our own and others’ relational patterns
 • calm and soothe our emotions and be there for others
 • communicate more effectively • enhance connection and empathy
 • reduce defensive patterns, allowing for more authenticity, and
 • work effectively within families and larger systems such as workplaces. Case studies are included throughout to highlight key principles, as well as practical exercises to enable the reader to develop their mindfulness skills.  
“a guide to using mindfulness to improve relationships”
Bookseller + Publisher
Dr Richard Chambers
Dr Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist in private practice and an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness. He consults to a growing number of educational institutions, businesses and organizations, is a developer of the Smiling Mind app, and co-author of Mindful Learning.

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Margie Ulbrick
Margie Ulbrick is a collaborative family lawyer, relationship counsellor, psychotherapist and writer, who makes extensive use of mindfulness skills in her work with couples, individuals and families. 

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Letter From The Authors...
Dear Reader,

People are increasingly cut off from deeper parts of themselves. We see this more and more in our clinical work and mindfulness teaching. The book is intended as a guide for people to rediscover intimacy with themselves and others, and to use this to create fulfilling and loving relationships. 
Both of us have applied the techniques and principles explored in the book in our own lives, to help us deal with difficult relationships and to deepen our intimacy with ourselves and the world around us. We have road-tested the benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion and found that they are simple and powerful ways of healing relationships and living full lives.

- Richard & Margie.
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